Make your divorce as smooth as possible

Make your divorce as smooth as possible

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Divorce is a combination of legal remedies for a married couple who seeks to terminate their marriage. These legal remedies include resolving issues concerning assets and debts, decisions about children, and ongoing support. Divorce can be resolved through mediation, collaborative divorce, negotiation or litigation.

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Dividing marital property in a divorce is not always easy. Some couples agree on how to divide property, while others need the help of the court. In Virginia, the law calls for "equitable distribution" of property. This is not the same as "equal distribution" of property. For couples who cannot agree on property division, either through negotiation, mediation, or the use of a collaborative law approach, the courts will make decisions about the equitable distribution of property.


If you are unhappy with a judgment that has been granted in your divorce, then you may be wondering when and how you can request a post-judgment modification. Parties are not allowed to simply seek modifications of the divorce decree simply because they don't like a court's ruling or an agreement they made. However, there are circumstances where judgments can be modified. Most common, these modification requests address child support, child custody, and spousal support. Typically, a change in circumstances of one of the parties is required.